Sizes and Styles


Acrylic plastic is able to come in multiple transparencies and finishes. 

The ability of being able to see through Acrylic is determined by whether specific chemicals are added to the liquid acrylic or not, where as the finish is determined by the type of polish given to the acrylic 


Clear’ transparency is the most common option used for display stands and see-through uses. This is the glass-like appearance that acrylic has commonly been named after, and is the original state before manipulation into other finishes and transparencies. 

Frost’’ is a transparency which impairs the ability to see clearly through the plastic. A chemical compound is added to the liquid acrylic, which makes it hard to see through. Looking somewhat like a frosted shower screen, you can still see colours and blurred objects. 

Solid’ is a completely solid colour that is unable to be seen through. Unlike the previous options, acrylic produced for this transparency must be completely filled with solid colour. It’s often used for the bottom of display trays, and the backdrop and titles of signs. 


Gloss’ is the original finish most acrylic is produced with. It works wonders with a clear transparency, effectively making the plastic look like durable glass. 

Matte’ is a finish which coincides with Frost transparency, however the Acrylic looks somewhat sanded on each side, which will make objects harder to see through the acrylic. 

Mirror’ is a reflective polish used on the back of an acrylic piece. Usually this is also accompanied by a ‘Gloss’ finish of the front side of the acrylic to enhance the reflectiveness of the mirrored-polish.



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